New ruggedised copper-to-fibre media converter modules

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The need for ruggedised photonic packaging in commercial and military harsh environments, as well as the increased focus on reducing size and weight, has led Glenair to develop a series of reduced form factor, optoelectronic modules that provide copper to fibre media conversion for Ethernet, digital video and signal aggregation applications. These new copper-to-fibre media converter modules are available from Aerco.

Their Ethernet media converters allow the integration of fibre optic links with existing legacy copper-based network infrastructures and extend the reach of these networks over much greater distances, also providing future proofing with the increased bandwidth capacity. The modules facilitate the conversion of optical gigabit Ethernet data streams into electrical signals servicing switches, routers, and other peripherals. Features include integrated magnetics on the electrical side, a lightning strike hardened variant and optional flow control and built in test console port functionalities. The modules are available in panel mount, flange mount or inline form factors.

The Glenair ruggedised copper to fibre video media converters support many video transport protocols including DVI, HDMI, SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI, ARINC 818 and more. They extend electrical transmission distances via the optical domain, providing high-reliability connectivity with robust EMC and security, particularly beneficial in military harsh environment deployments such as graphics card to remote display interconnect applications.

Signal aggregation media converters integrate multiple compact optoelectronic modules to digitize and/or aggregate multiple low data rate signal types in the electrical domain, such as RS422/485 and discrete transmit/receive signals and combine them for transport at a high data rate over a single optical fibre channel.

All the media converters leverage Glenair’s standard high performance connectors, such as the D38999 Series III, GHD, Mighty Mouse, GFOCA and M28876 series and support a range of fibre optic ferrules, including 1.25mm, 1.57mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm, in both single-mode and multimode.

Standard rating for the modules is a –40degC to +85degC operating temperature range, with extended temperature ranges available on request.

Target markets are commercial and military aerospace, spacecraft, military ground vehicles, navy ships, above-ground and sub-sea oil and gas production plants.

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