Easy way to configure and order heavy-duty connectors online

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Easy way to configure and order heavy-duty connectors onlinePhoenix Contact’s Heavycon online configurator makes it easy to design customised connectors in just a few steps, helping users to create the exact connector they want. Furthermore, graphical representations in 2D and 3D make it simpler to choose options.

When the user selects parts, the tool automatically suggests components that match them from countless potential combinations. Therefore, you only have to make a few entries to achieve an error-free configuration. Operation is intuitive, thanks to simple filter menus and the drag-and-drop function.

First to be selected is the connector type. Suitable housings are available for all applications. Then select the appropriate fixed-position or modular contact inserts in accordance with your requirements. These inserts are available for transmitting data, signals, and power, or for pneumatic applications. Visualisation is via user-friendly 3D real-time display. The user can integrate the entire configured solution into the CAD system, send it on, or put it in their shopping cart and order it straightaway. They can call up the configuration again at any time via a solution ID that is generated for them.

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