ClimaSys Smart Ventilation System keeps critical equipment clean

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Schneider Electric is announcing the ClimaSys Smart Ventilation System, an intelligent filter and airflow management system for multiple control panels or electrical distribution enclosures in new or retrofit applications. The system helps avoid equipment breakdowns, maintain uptime, and improve energy efficiency by automatically alerting maintenance personnel when filters or other ventilation parts need servicing or replacement.

Josep Lopez, Offer Manager for Schneider Electric notes: “When ventilation system filters become blocked with dust or dirt, enclosures can quickly overheat and cause equipment failures or fire. The ClimaSys Smart Ventilation System monitors every aspect of ventilation performance, helping teams use predictive maintenance to keep equipment running safely and efficiently, while cutting filter-related costs by as much as 90 per cent”.

Enclosures operating in harsh environments are particularly susceptible to filters becoming clogged, reducing internal airflow. When this happens, fans run inefficiently and consume more energy, while higher temperatures and accumulated dust can cause equipment failures and fire. This can result in expensive losses to productivity, short equipment lifespans, and higher energy costs. The ClimaSys Smart Ventilation System is a scalable, digital thermal network designed to help facility teams stay connected to the ventilation status of every enclosure, anticipate and avoid shutdowns, and cut operational costs.

A central FilterStat controller collects and analyses information from filter and fan sensors across one or more enclosures. As part of each enclosure’s grille components, a Smart Filter with an integrated dust sensor uses patented infrared technology and advanced algorithms to determine the level of accumulated dirt. Sensors also measure the air temperature passing through inlet and outlet grille locations, enabling delta-T values for each enclosure. Smart Fan components provide additional sensors to measure RPM, fan current, and temperature of the ‘transported’ air around each fan. This enables measurement of fan efficiency and whether internal temperature is exceeding fan capacity.

Multi-colour LEDs on the front of each Smart Fan and grille give clear indication of filter and fan status, while the central FilterStat controller displays information and alarms to help keep the ventilation system running efficiently. The controller can also connect to a PLC, speed drive, HMI, or other equipment.

A range of benefits for greenfield or brownfield projects

The ClimaSys Smart Ventilation System provides a complete kit for greenfield applications. For existing installations, a retrofit kit option is designed to digitise any control or electrical panels in a simple, safe way. The system works with all possible architectures, including being compatible with extractor or ventilation type fans. To support a large number of enclosures from a single Filterstat module, up to eight Thermal Hub devices can be used to extend network capacity up to 256 sensors.

In every application, the system is designed to reduce CAPEX and OPEX in a number of ways, foremost by minimising breakdowns and avoiding downtime. In addition, by keeping equipment cool, customers can also expect to increasing equipment lifespan but up to two times. Energy efficiency will also be improved by keeping fans running at maximum efficiency. Finally, staying informed on ventilation health means that filters will now only need to be replaced as and when required.

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