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Increasing regulation means that the UK water industry must comply with numerous reporting requirements. In recent years, the prerequisite has been for more extensive reporting, more numerous compliance reports to be generated, together with longer timeframes for historical data and improved security of stored data.

For a central database to acquire plant data effectively, the data must be gathered from all data points - which may include disparate processes, conditions and sources. CitectSCADA Reports v4 provides exactly these functions – and more - allowing accurate reports to be built easily for issues such as energy saving and alarm management.

Built on the familiar MS SQL Server 2005, CitectSCADA Reports delivers high-speed, high-integrity production visualisation that can then be exported directly into a company's preferred business tools, such as MS Excel and Reporting Services. It bridges the plant-to-business divide with technology endorsed by IT, plant and corporate managers alike, enabling them to create and access scheduled or ad hoc reports without the overheads of mastering and maintaining a proprietary reporting package.

CitectSCADA Reports is an off-the-shelf package that seamlessly collects, collates and delivers reporting data from multiple, disparate plant control systems. Employing this software, users can visualise data from multiple SCADA systems in a web browser, analyse this data with MS Excel, transfer data between control systems and MS SQL or Oracle databases, collate all control system data into a history file held in MS SQL Server 2005, and output reports using industry-standard reporting tools.

High-speed processing

Open standards, familiar technology and user interfaces, and secure reporting make doing business easier and more cost-effective with CitectSCADA Reports. In addition, version 4 offers powerful performance with high data integrity, fast active data transfer rates and changes per second, and functionality that the company claims to be unrivalled.

For example, queries can be made by time or variable such as operator, shift, product, batch, mode, etc, providing upfront real-time analysis of operating conditions as well as analysis of trend information from past records without interfering with the running of the process.

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