Globe-shaped pressure sensors are easier to keep clean

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Impress Sensors & Systems is launching a new range of high-precision pressure sensors that offer extremely high operating temperatures of up to 300degC and feature an innovative, easy-to-clean globe-shaped LCD display housing that is particularly useful for hygienic applications, such as food and beverage processing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

The new x|act i is a piezoresistive stainless steel pressure sensor that is claimed to be unique in several ways. First, due to new optional integrated cooling elements, the sensors can operate in temperatures of up to 150degC or 300degC. Second, the smooth stainless steel globe-shaped display housing means that there are nowhere on the sensor for dirt, dust, chemicals or foodstuffs to collect, making it easy to keep clean, hence saving cleaning time and costs, and further increasing the life of the sensor. The multi-function display can also be rotated to provide the user with the most suitable angle for reading the pressure.

Impress says the sensors can be used with any liquid or gaseous media and they operate at nominal pressures of 0-350mbar up to 0-600bar. The sensor can be configured in situ via an integrated display and operating module, or by remote access using a Hart communications interface. If the sensor is in situ, configuration is carried out by using pushbuttons located on the display module. A range of parameters can be configured, including initial value, terminal value, damping, pressure, password protection, maximum and minimum pressure and temperature display, and Hart ID.

Sam Drury, Sales and Marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems, states: "The fact that users can read off maximum and minimum pressures and also media temperature is particularly useful. For example, if part of a process goes into alarm mode, engineers can look back and check what the maximum and minimum temperatures and pressures were during the alarm phase."

Simplified ordering and stockholding

The sensors are accurate to +/-0.1 per cent of full scale (IEC 60770). With a turndown ratio of 1:10, and the same accuracy being maintained through 1:5 turndown, customers can purchase just one type of sensor for many different pressure ranges throughout a process plant. For example, a user could buy multiple 10bar pressure sensors and use them on a 2bar application in another area of the plant, yet still achieve the same accuracy.

Several process connections are available, including inch and NPT threads inside a mounted diaphragm, or with a flush-welded diaphragm for clamps, dairy pipes, Varivent and other flanges.

There are three primary applications for the x|act i sensors. The stainless steel globe-housing version is suitable for applications in which hygiene is a high priority, such as food and beverage processing. There is also an aluminium die cast housing, two-chamber version that is suitable for general process industry applications, including chemicals and pharmaceuticals processing. A third option is a stainless steel field housing, which is suitable for harsh environments including heavy industries such as hydraulics, construction equipment, mining, quarrying, cement and mineral processing.

Customers can also order ATEX-approved versions of the sensors, certified to zone O for use in all potentially explosive or hazardous areas. Impress Sensors can also calibrate sensors to individual customer requirements.

16 August 2007

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