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ESAB’S growing family of rebel multi-process welding machinesESAB recently launched its portable multi-process Rebel welding machine to great acclaim. Since then the company has continually developed the range by introducing new models. Today there are five members of the Rebel family to suit the needs of a wide variety of different users.

The entry-level machine is the Rebel EM 215ic for MIG/MAG welding. A key feature is the sMIG (smart MIG) technology that is common to all models in the Rebel family. sMIG makes welding very simple for both novice and experienced welders: just use the intuitive user interface to enter the wire diameter, material type and thickness, start welding and sMIG automatically adjusts other parameters to produce a stable arc and a high-quality weld with minimal spatter. ESAB’s Rebel EM 215ic may be the lowest-specification machine in the range and operate from a 240 volt single-phase mains supply or portable generator but it still has a generous maximum output of 240 amps.

A close relative of the EM 215ic is the EMP 215ic that benefits from true multi-process welding and a color TFT display. This machine is highly capable for MIG, MAG, TIG and MMA welding, with a maximum output of 240 amps from a single-phase supply. The intuitive graphical user interface is multi-lingual (22 languages) and is used for both setting parameters and accessing the onboard user manual covering operation, wear parts and maintenance. If desired, standard welding parameters can be customized via the control panel. As with the EM 215ic, the EMP 215ic accepts 5kg spools of welding wire.

A step up the Rebel range, the Rebel EMP 235ic features a slightly larger housing to accommodate either 5 or 18kg spools. It also has the same colour TFT display as the EMP 215ic and the full multi-process capability. In addition, it benefits from a TIG outlet valve to reduce gas consumption and minimise running costs. The EMP 235ic still operates from a single-phase supply but ESAB’s engineers have boosted the maximum output to 250 amps for welding with thicker wire.

If even greater welding capacity is required, the Rebel EMP 255ic has a maximum output of 300 amps while the largest model in the range, the Rebel EMP 320ic, outputs 350 amps. Both of these machines operate from a three-phase supply. Features added for the EMP 255ic include gas purging, wire inching and a four-wheel drive mechanism for improved wire feeding. Both the EMP 255ic and EMP 320ic are true multi-process machines and are especially suitable for use with thicker materials and wires; the EMP 320ic produces excellent results when used with solid and flux-cored wires.

To help customers gain the maximum benefit from their Rebel machines, ESAB has published a list of compatible filler wires and electrodes. These include: OK Autrod 12.51, a copper-coated mild steel wire with high levels of dioxides for welding over heavier deposits of dirt, rust and mill scale; OK 55.00, a mild steel electrode characterized by low moisture absorption and excellent for welding high-strength, low-alloy steels; and OK Tigrod 316LSi stainless steel that resists corrosion in acids and chlorinated environments and is particularly suitable for use where there is a risk of intergranular corrosion.

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