New RFID safety switches with 316 grade stainless steel housings

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New RFID safety switches with 316 grade stainless steel housingsMechan Controls is launching a range of RFID safety switches housed in 316 grade stainless steel. These have been engineered to provide the highest possible coding level according to EN 14119 coupled with mirror polish stainless steel housings to withstand extremely harsh manufacturing environments. Mechan Controls says the combination of design features make these switches unique in the market.

The RSSG-SS switches use Mechan Controls' RFID technology with a potential for 4 billion unique codes. They offer protection against manipulation, interference and defeat, making them an excellent choice for use in high-risk applications.

Furthermore, the 316 stainless steel housings withstand CIP and SIP cleaning and have been tested and approved to IP67 and IP69K, so they are suitable for industries such as food, beverage, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. The advantage of using stainless-steel enclosures instead of plastic is that it eliminates the risk of any damaged parts from entering the food chain.

In the centre of the switch and actuator there is a small window that permits the RFID signal to achieve a 10mm operating distance and 5mm misalignment. The window is completely sealed and resistant to harsh chemical washdowns. It also cannot be removed from the switch, which avoids any potential contamination on the manufacturing line.

Other features include adjustable mounting holes and a simple LED display for guard status indication.

If either part of the RSSG-SS switch is lost or damaged, the simple teach facility enables easy re-pairing: simply drop the supply to 17V DC, bring the new part in and increase the supply back to 24V DC.

Follow the link to see a short video about the RSSG-SS.

Eliminate fault masking

The RSSG uses volt-free contact outputs. If multiple guards are being used, it is recommended that this product is combined with Mechan Controls' EM1 safety relay to achieve a high-performance level according to IEC 62061. The EM1 is an expandable safety relay that is designed to eliminate fault masking without the need for programming.

Using ESM the expander module, the system can monitor up to 20 dual-channel safety devices such as emergency stops switches, mechanical interlocks, non-contact safety switches, grab-wires and more.

Each module has its own volt-free indication contact that can easily be integrated into an existing safety system.

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