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Sensors for robotic applicationsSick has produced a short video that highlights some of the company's extensive range of sensors that are used in robotic applications. The video focuses on four areas where sensors can make a valuable contribution to the success of a robotics project:

  1. Robot vision
  2. Safe robotics
  3. End-of-arm tooling (EOAT)
  4. Position feedback

In the Robot Vision section, the video describes co-operation between Sick and Universal Robots to develop collaborative robot (cobot) applications, and Staubli for industrial robot projects.

Regarding safety, the video includes a contribution from the CEO of OpiFlex Automation, who describes how his company worked with Sick to develop a robot cell that is highly portable and versatile thanks to Sick laser area scanners.

A robot is only as good as the end-of-arm-tooling, and often this relies on sensor technology for detecting that the correct part has been picked, gripped, orientated, etc. In addition, Sick provides RFID technology that is used when robots utilise interchangeable tooling, as it is vital that the right tool is selected and attached to the robot arm for each task.

Within robots themselves, Sick sensors provide position feedback to ensure every task is performed accurately and repeatably. The video features a contribution from Hiwin, whose robots feature Sick sensors on their axes.

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