optoNCDT 1220 miniature laser displacement sensor with ATC

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Micro-Epsilon is introducing a compact laser triangulation sensor for high-precision displacement, distance and position measurements. With its high accuracy and adjustable measuring rate up to 1kHz, the sensor is claimed to offer an unbeatable price–performance ratio.

Micro-Epsilon’s optoNCDT 1220 laser triangulation sensor sets new standards in displacement and distance measurements for industrial automation applications. The powerful sensor features the most important basic settings, functions and an analogue data output. This lean range of features is mirrored in the sensor’s favourable entry-level price, which makes the sensor attractive, particularly for OEM projects where high sensor volumes are required, and where fast integration, ease of use and space-saving options are required.

The sensor’s Auto Target Compensation (ATC) feature enables reliable control of the distance signal regardless of target colour or brightness. Ready to use straight out of the box, the sensor is easily integrated without having to make any further settings. An intuitive web interface enables easy set up and configuration, if required.

The compact design of the optoNCDT 1220 with integral controller enables the sensor to be integrated into plant, equipment and machines, even where installation space is restricted. Primary application areas include automation technologies where high accelerations occur such as electronics manufacturing, robotics and 3D printing, as well as machine building and renewable energies.

Micro-Epsilon’s optoNCDT 1220 range includes multiple measurement ranges from 10mm to 200mm. A range of accessories are available including power supply, interface card, USB converter and controller unit (for conversion and evaluation of up to two sensor signals).

Chris Jones, Managing Director at Micro-Epsilon UK comments: “The market for laser triangulation sensors is highly competitive, particularly in the lower price segment. Although some suppliers offer lower priced laser sensors, these often lack the necessary measurement performance required. Even if they do provide the required measurement performance, they often only do so with restrictions such as large averaging, or on ‘ideal’ surface types. The optoNCDT 1220, however, is the ideal alternative that offers precise measurement values at a similar price level.”

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05 November 2019

Micro Epsilon UK Limitedvisit website
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