Compact and robust cycloidal gearboxes for high-end applications

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Compact and robust cycloidal gearboxes for high-end applicationsFor machine building applications that call for the utmost precision and rigidity, involve higher loads and speeds, or require lifetime zero backlash, R. A. Rodriguez is introducing a new series of standard and bespoke cycloidal gear heads and component sets to complement its established gearbox range. These innovative products are designed and manufactured by Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH – part of the Nabtesco Group – for which R. A. Rodriguez has been appointed the UK distributor.

It was the proven track record of R. A. Rodriguez as a supplier of high-precision gearbox systems that resulted in Nabtesco choosing the company as its sole UK distributor.

Daniel Obladen, Head of Sales, General Industries at Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH, comments: "R. A. Rodriguez offers a comprehensive range of solutions for high-end applications, which makes it a perfect partner for Nabtesco in the UK. We greatly value the technical expertise and applications knowledge the company brings to our partnership."

It is for applications where backlash and positioning accuracy are critically important that Nabtesco has the greatest potential. The gearheads and component sets are highly robust products with a very long service life. The increase in backlash in cycloidal gears is very low over extended periods and they also enable reductions in ratios from 30:1 to more than 300:1 without the additional pre-stages that are necessary in standard planetary gears.

Cycloidal gears are also more compact – around 50 per cent shorter than their planetary counterparts – and are also lighter. In addition, they offer 500 per cent higher overload protection.

Nabtesco cycloidal gearheads owe these properties to their special design principle. The gear teeth need no gear in the output stage and are not subjected to shear forces, making them exceptionally efficient, precise and robust.

The power transmission, via pins and rollers, ensures high efficiency, long life and very low backlash. And virtually complete contact within the cycloidal pin construction and the even force distribution enable a high load capacity. The two-stage reduction principle minimises vibration and mass inertia, while allowing higher reduction ratios to be achieved.

Supplied ready to install, the Nabtesco gearheads are completely sealed units. To reduce design and assembly costs, the motor adaptor plate and motor shaft coupling for servo motors are integrated into the unit. Hygienic, compact and high-performance versions are available from R. A. Rodriguez, as are application-specific products.

Paul Bowden, Product Manager at R. A. Rodriguez, explains: "Nabtesco is a great addition to R. A. Rodriguez as it will allow us to address a wider range of application needs with the most appropriate products. More than 60 per cent of the industrial robots operating worldwide use Nabtesco gearboxes, so it is certainly proven technology.

"The scope of this brand is huge in the UK but initially we expect applications in medical and military engineering, packaging machinery, machine tool positioning and antennae control to benefit the most from this technology."

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23 January 2020

R.A. Rodriguez (UK) Ltdvisit website
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