Specialist springs in nickel and cobalt alloys

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Specialist springs in nickel and cobalt alloysLee Spring have a world reputation for ex-stock springs and custom springs. Now for the Oil and Gas industries Lee Spring can offer high-performance exotic nickel or cobalt alloy custom products.

These are appropriate in conditions that would excessively stress normal steels – consequently nickel alloys such as Inconel 600, X-750 and 718, also Nimonic 90, Hastelloy C-276 and Monel 400 or K-500 are used. Parallel cobalt alloys include Elgiloy and MP35N.

These exotic alloys are oxidation/corrosion resistant in high-temperature, high-pressure environments where their high cost can be justified since quite simply nothing else will do.

Achievement of high-performance characteristics equates to hard won expertise in handling and machining processes which Lee Spring has gained through extensive experience in high-performing industries.

Lee Spring, supported by custom manufacturing within the UK, can offer customer support to the Oil and Gas exploration/production industries worldwide using these advanced but technically different materials – other alloys for less arduous specialist duty include Stainless 17-7 and 316, Phosphor Bronze and Beryllium Copper.

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