Low-cost soft starters are compact and easy to use

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WEG's new SSW-07 soft-starters are equipped with digital signal processors (DSPs), enabling them to provide exceptional performance for both starting and stopping of AC induction motors. The SSW-07 units overcome the sudden current inrush and high torque problems that can result in wear and damage to mechanical power transmission equipment - and even to pipework in pumping applications.

Easy to set-up and incorporating all motor protection functions, the SSW-07 soft starters are extremely simple, low-cost and compact. Designed with fully digital architectures, the SSW-07 soft starters employ DSPs to control accurately the ramp voltage supplied to a motor over an optimum time period as set by the user. This reduces stress on transmission devices - such as gearboxes, shafts and couplings - during motor start-up and helps to increase the life of the motor and mechanical parts, as 'snatch' is eliminated and mechanical shocks are avoided.

The SSW-07 soft starters also provide high levels of system safeguarding in controlled stopping applications (ramp down), especially where heavy dynamic loads are encountered. In pumping applications, for example, an extended ramp-down time can prevent damage to pipework systems due to water hammer.

In addition to offering optimised operational performance, the SSW-07 soft starters are said to be highly cost-competitive. They are designed with a bypass function (on models 17A to 30A) that saves users the cost of purchasing a separate contactor. The bypass function also reduces installation costs, cabling and, by reducing the installation envelope of the soft starter, enclosure size.

The integrated bypass feature is complemented by many others in the overall SSW-07 package, including: a kick-start function for heavy loads and loads requiring high starting torque; a pump control function that avoids water hammer; integral electronic motor protection; electronic voltage monitoring; an electronic thermal relay; and electronic voltage monitoring.

SSW-07 soft starters are designed to operate in environments up to 55degC without current reduction. They are suitable for universal voltages in the range 220-575V and offer simple setting, installation and low maintenance.

07 September 2007

WEG Electric Motors (UK) Ltdvisit website
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