Compact decentralised motor starter includes safety functions

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Compact decentralised motor starter includes safety functionsWieland Electric's new podis MS 5HP motor starter adds a new dimension to decentralised automation in terms of size, safety functions and handling. The podis MS 5HP is believed to be the smallest decentralised motor starter in its power range and also the first decentralised motor starter with IP65 protection and integrated STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function. This motor starter, which can be parameterised without software, offers simple handling during commissioning, operation and maintenance. In addition, it features a sophisticated thermal design that, together with electronic low-wear switching, contributes to a long service life, even with frequent switching cycles.

Wieland's podis MS 5HP has been designed to cover the power range from 0.3 to 5HP (0.25 to 4.0kW) with a single size, which contributes to lower storage and administration costs while, with only one order variant, simplifying procurement. Dip switches are used to carry out complete parameterisation directly on the motor starter. Users are supported by an intelligent web configurator and can make the appropriate settings for the respective motor and application step by step. The configurator and further information about the motor starter can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the front of the device using a smartphone or tablet.

Integrated functional safety

The integrated STO safety function enables functional safety to be implemented without additional safety components and, when activated, the motor is disconnected from the power supply while the connected sensors, actuators and motor starter continue to be supplied with power. The advantage of this is that communication to the device and to the connected sensors remains active and a single drive or a group of drives can still be stopped. By integrating various motor protection functions, such as a stored thermal motor model, a thermo-mechanical circuit breaker and the option of reading out a motor with integrated PTC thermistor, fully-fledged motor protection can be achieved. The podis MS 5HP can also be used in harsh industrial environments thanks to its IP65 protection.

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