CRM rotary module guides cables up to 4.5m long

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CRM rotary module guides cables up to 4.5m longThe CRM rotary module is part of the igus e-spool flex range and can guide any type of cable or hose, and even corrugated tubes. This compact module has a maximum rotation angle of 6480deg, which is 18 full turns, for cable lengths up to 4.5m with a maximum speed of 180deg/s and acceleration of 180deg/s².

As it does not use a slip ring, it is very easy to use, more versatile, less susceptible to faults and splash waterproof. Each component of the CRM can be replaced separately, including the cable or hose.

Compared with the TB12 twisterband, the CRM rotary module requires a lower clearance height for the same maximum rotation angle (6480deg). The rotary module’s clearance height is less than 10cm, while the twisterband is more than 25mm.

Areas of application include material handling, machine tools, industrial robots, medical technology, telescopes and antennas.

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