Pallet transfer system suits small and medium-sized assemblies

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Pallet transfer system suits small and medium-sized assembliesACI-ecoTec is launching a new pallet based transfer system for miniature to medium-sized component assembly. The simple and low-cost eco-Trans pallet transfer system is based on a wide range of standard modules that enable maximum flexibility in the building, expansion or reconfiguration of complete multiple product assembly lines from single manual operator workstations to semi- or fully-automated multi-station manufacturing cells.

Available in the UK with full application and design support from ACI-ecoTec's UK representative office, the eco-Trans transfer system employs a plastic-coated, motor-driven chain drive with magnetically coupled pallet and guide plate assemblies that are firmly supported by lateral and horizontal low-friction guide rollers. The entire system is extremely robust and very easy to maintain - with no need for chain tensioning - and has a typical motor power of just 180W for a 25m assembly line.

Pallets may be positioned above or to the side of the guide plates and are available in three standard sizes (80 x 80mm, 120 x 120mm and 160 x 160mm) with the workpiece mounting plate easily adapted to suit customer-specific component fixturing. With maximum horizontal loads of up to 5kg and a positioning precision up to +/-0.02mm, transport speeds range from 6-18m/min. This translates to a station-to-station changeover time of less than one second, depending on track speed, stopper control and pallet size. Different sized pallets - and, therefore, any combination of components - may be freely mixed on the assembly line, ensuring maximum efficiency and adaptability for small production runs with improved levels of product diversity for fast-changing product manufacture.

With its large flat tabletop and low-profile pallet design, the durable and modular eco-Trans system benefits from complete accessibility from above and at all sides of the workpiece, allowing straightforward integration for automated processing equipment and manual operator stations. The modular and ergonomic system can be adapted to round, oval or U-shaped assembly lines in almost any combination and, if additional processes or reconfiguration is required, the use of standard components makes assembly line extension or alteration straightforward.

Further options

For non-synchronous processes such as adhesive hardening or material tempering, separate laterally attached chain drives can be added, enabling the pallet to travel at suitably adjusted speeds. The eco-Trans pallet transfer system can be supplied to ESD-compatible standards suitable for electrical and electronic production.

The range of standard modules and accessories for the eco-Trans system include straight tracks, 90-degree and 180-degree deflection modules, motorised drive units, stop and positioning modules, pallet lifting and rotation units, inward and outward transfer stations - and many more.

ACI-ecoTec's UK representative office offers freelance consultancy, concept design and detailed systems based around the eco-Trans pallet transfer system, along with specialist knowledge and resources to provide complete turnkey assembly automation systems.

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