Programmable 2U power supply delivers 5kW

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Lambda UK's Genesys family of programmable power supplies is claimed to set a new standard for flexible, reliable, AC-DC power systems in OEM, industrial and laboratory applications. And now the new 5kW module offers one of the highest power densities available in a compact 2U unit, complementing the already successful 1U 750W half-rack, 1U 750W/1.5kW, 2U 3.3kW and 3U 10kW/15kW full-rack models.

Twelve versions of the GEN 5kW power supply are offered, with output voltage ranges of 0-8, 0-60, 0-150 and 0-600V. Maximum output current for the lowest voltage range is 600A. A wide choice of three-phase AC inputs (either 208V or 400V) is available and all units have active power factor correction (PFC).

A long list of standard features includes a built-in RS232/RS485 interface, along with comprehensive remote programming functions such as global commands for multiple power supply systems. External analogue programming and monitoring is user-selectable from 0-5V and 0-10V. System designers will also benefit from the new high-speed status monitoring feature for the RS485 bus.

Test system customers using the IEEE-488.2 bus may achieve significant cost savings by incorporating the optional IEEE multi-drop interface card for a master unit, which can relay commands to up to 30 slaves via the standard RS485 links. Isolated analogue interface and LXI-compliant LAN option cards are also available.

Higher power systems can be configured with up to four 5kW modules. Paralleling units for higher power is simplified with the master unit able to report total system output current, and rack space is minimised because all Genesys units are truly 'zero stack' with no space required between units.

CE marked in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive, the Genesys power supplies' conducted and radiated EMI conforms to EN 55022-A, FCC-A. Safety approvals include UL60950 and EN 60950. All models carry a five-year warranty.

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