Vibratory feeders deliver up to 300 bottle caps per minute

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Elscint Automation is launching a high-speed vibratory bowl feeder for feeding caps to bottling machines. The company offers a total of six vibrator drives and, due to the high speed of the cap feeder, the model 400, model 400 HD or model 630 can be used for this application.

Various sizes of caps can be fed in the same bowl feeder with minimal tooling changes. In fact Elscint has designed highly specialised tooling that can help reduce the changeover time drastically. The change parts are all made in such a way that these can fit in the correct positions and there are no slots required for adjustment. Hence, even unskilled technicians can perform the changeover in very little time.

Another advantage of this type of feeder is that the bowl can handle caps where the length of the cap is greater than the diameter. These are normally very difficult to handle and most vibratory feeder manufacturers do not achieve high speeds for such caps. However, with the help of the special tooling designed by Elscint for this application, very high speeds are possible. In fact Elscint can provide speeds as high as 250 to 300 caps per minute.

Elscint reports that a leading capping machine manufacturer from India has recently shifted all of its vibratory feeder requirements to Elscint due to the durability and high performance of Elscint vibratory bowls. Mr Giri, general manager of the capping machine manufacturer, says that his company's previous bowl feeder supplier was providing a speed of only 60-80 caps per minute (with lots of jamming in the bowl) and this was insufficient for his high-speed machine. By switching to Elscint vibratory bowl feeders, he not only increased the speed to 220 caps per minute but could also supply his customers with high-quality, maintenance free vibratory feeders that run unattended. In addition, Elscint provided this without the use of air for orientation or speed, thereby reducing the running cost of the feeder.

Elscint feeders are CE-marked, and the company can also provide baseplates, stands and chutes. Special stainless steel baseplates and chute holders can also be provided if required. As Elscint has standardised on these types of bowls, most of the parts are kept in stock, so deliveries can be relatively fast.

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