Dynamic response compensator features modular design

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Dynamic response compensator features modular designABB is launching a new version of its Dynacomp dynamic response compensator, developed to provide fast and smooth reactive power compensation to solve a variety of industrial network power quality problems associated with fast variable loads such as low power factor, voltage sags, flicker and high harmonic levels.

The Dynacomp acts as an ultra-rapid, transient-free capacitor bank, with the reactive power step switching performed by state-of-the-art thyristor modules. The use of these static switches and advanced controllers offers a number of key advantages over conventional contactor-switched capacitor banks, including: ultra-rapid power factor compensation; reduced voltage drop and flicker; transient-free switching; very high number of switching operations; modular and compact standardised design; ease of installation and expansion; and advanced communications features with Modbus.

ABB is offering the new Dynacomp as a standard product equipped with an advanced controller and a wide power range for all network voltages from 380-690V. It is available in both three-phase and single-phase versions and there is also a choice of detuning reactors to suit all types of application.

Starting from a few hundred kvar, the Dynacomp is available for applications up to several Mvar to cater for large loads. Its modular design and CANbus control make it easy to use standard power units to build a system with the necessary power rating to suit the exact load requirements. It is also simple to extend the Dynacomp to adapt to changing future needs.

In addition to reactive power compensation, the Dynacomp also partially filters harmonic currents, thereby reducing total harmonic distortion and improving the network power quality.

RVT-D controller

The Dynacomp features ABB's new RVT-D controller with Modbus communication. This makes it easy to integrate the Dynacomp within an existing communication network. It is designed to operate in open-loop or closed-loop control, or with an external trigger, and the Dynacomp can easily meet the reactive power needs of demanding loads. Without the external trigger the system responds in half a cycle; with the external trigger the delay is 'zero'.

An innovative feature of the RVT-D allows compensation of the voltage drop due to the active part of the load current. This enables the Dynacomp to provide optimum flicker mitigation, even in a weak network.

02 November 2007

ABB Automation Technologies (LV Products)visit website
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