Electric grippers have adjustable stroke and force

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Electric grippers have adjustable stroke and forceSchunk unveiled its EVG series grippers at the 2007 SPS/IPC/Drives show. These electrically powered, two-finger parallel-action grippers benefit from a stroke that can be adjusted to suit individual application requirements. The EVG series is available in two standard sizes, offering maximum strokes of 40 or 100mm.

In essence the EVG grippers feature a very compact profile with a width of only 55mm and a length that is easy to adjust. Drive is provided by a brushless servo motor that transfers its power via bevel gears to the roller-guided jaws. The version with 100mm stroke has a maximum gripping force of 68N. However, due to the servo control, the EVG grippers can achieve extremely low gripping forces as low as 2N. This is especially important for processes in which high gripping forces are undesirable; for example, if sensitive workpieces or sample containers with thin walls are handled, as they might be in pharmaceutical laboratories. Moreover, by using the force measuring system, gripping forces which are close to zero can be achieved.

The 100mm gripper weighs just 1.3kg. In order to keep it as compact as possible, the EVG grippers are equipped with an external electronic processor, which can be mounted separately from the gripper. The grippers are actuated by Schunk's new controller that provides for uniform control of all of Schunk's servo-electric components and ensures simple programming, pre-configuration and commissioning. Single commands can be combined to form complete tasks and, once created, command libraries can be used for other modules.

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