Twin linescan cameras offer GigE output and high resolution

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Twin linescan cameras offer GigE output and high resolutionFollowing e2v Technologies plc's acquisition of Atmel Grenoble's CCD and CMOS camera and sensor interests, the company is now known as e2v semiconductors.

With 25 years' experience in the professional imaging field, e2v is a key supplier in the machine vision market, renowned for the quality of its sensors and cameras. e2v is now recognised as a serious challenger in the line scan segment, thanks to its AViiVA range of line scan cameras. Another product family, known as ATMOS, has recently been developed; ATMOS cameras are CMOS area scan cameras dedicated to industrial machine vision applications.

e2v says its products are designed and manufactured based on a close working relationship with its customers. Consequently e2v remains at the cutting edge of machine vision technology, plus it is active in the development of standards for the industry - such as Camera Link and Gigabit Ethernet - and is now introducing products that support the new GenIcam standard for software access to cameras. Alrad Imaging is part of e2v's global sales and support coverage, providing customers with local service from its base in the UK.

Two brand new products are the AViiVA UM2 GigE output series of linescan cameras and the AViiVA UM8 CL high-resolution linescan camera with 12288 pixels.

AViiVA UM2 GigE linescan camera

The UM2 is one of the latest generation of linescan cameras with various resolutions available from 512 to 4096 pixels, offering an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (8, 10 or 12 bits). It has a pixel rate of up to 62MHz and a choice of 10 or 14um square pixels. It also features Gig-E output as standard.

AViiVA UM8 CL linescan camera

The UM8 is a high-resolution linescan camera with Camera Link output. It contains a CCD linear sensor with 12288 pixels. The output mode can either be 8, 10 or 12 bits in 4 or 8 taps. A high data rate of up to 320MHz is possible. The CameraLink industry-standard output makes this camera suitable for many high-resolution linescan application.

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