Configuration service offers benefits for AC drive applications

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Rockwell Automation is introducing a configured drives service to fulfil the needs of a wide variety of industrial applications and help simplify the process of specifying and ordering AC drives and related ancillaries.

Jonathan Smith, field business leader for power control, explains the rationale behind the concept: "This configured drives approach allows engineers to choose a base drive package and then enhance it with numerous options in line with the needs of the end application. The beauty of this approach is that many of the option combinations offered in the configuration process are already installed in industrial applications across the world – and working in harmony with each other - which removes the headaches associated with a normal mix-and-match approach."

The 'starter package' includes a basic configured drive, input fusing, RFI filter and enclosure. Options are then specified to add functionality or features in line with the demands of the end application. These can include power features such as circuit breakers, isolators, input, output and bypass contactors, and line reactors. Control and communications options include control interfaces (analogue and digital) and serial communications (DeviceNet, ControlNet, etc). Operator Interfaces can include HMIs, door-mounted devices and meters. Motor interface options include encoders, resolvers, thermistors, RTDs, cooling blowers and space heaters.


All packages are supplied in Rittal TS8 cabinets with either IP21 or IP54 ratings, and come complete with control circuit transformer and cooling fans appropriate for the frame size. All configured drives are assembled and tested in accordance with ISO 9001 and comply with EEC directives 73/23 (Low-Voltage Directive), 89/336 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and EN 61800-3 (Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems. Part 3: EMC requirements and specific test methods). Customisable options are also offered for particularly demanding applications.

Rockwell Automation recognises that although there is still room for an off-the-shelf product offering, providing a configured drives service enables it to more closely match the needs of many of its customers, while also giving them the confidence that all the components and options will work in harmony with each other.

The significant expertise and production resources available to Rockwell Automation mean that even the most demanding drive system specification can be met cost-effectively and efficiently. Whether off-the-shelf or configured, each Allen-Bradley drive system receives the same attention to detail and is produced to the same high standard of manufacturing, meaning that OEMs and machine builders can specify Allen-Bradley with confidence, no matter what the application.

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