Alio open-centre stages offer exceptional precision

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Alio is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision stages and robotics for the nanometre-precision motion industry. Due to increasing demand for high-precision open-centre stages, Alio is introducing what it claims to be the most precise mechanical-bearing open-centre stages commercially available on the market for atmosphere or UHV environments.

The open-centre XY designs offer from 25mm to over 400mm of travel in each axis, with large apertures, for a wide range of applications that need both nano-repeatability and accuracy of position, as well as extreme flatness and accuracy of motion.

Alio tests and qualifies the stages with a Renishaw ML10 laser interferometer traceable to NIST standards, which provides true data rather than optimistic specification sheet precision.

The Alio 150mm travel standard precision XY stage has X and Y flatness and straightness of linear travel of less than 2um (+/-1um) per axis over 150mm of travel. With Invar scales, the repeatability is less than 150nm (+/-75nm) with an accuracy of less than 1um without laser calibration. With less expensive tape scales on the 150mm XY axes, the uncalibrated accuracy is less than 7um (+/-3.5um) over the range, with less than 0.4um of repeatability, but the XY maintains its precision of flatness and straightness.

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