Stainless cored welding wire for high deposition rates

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Stainless cored welding wire for high deposition ratesESAB's latest Shield-Bright stainless cored wires are rutile types with excellent weldability on conventional non-pulsing power sources under Ar/CO2 mixed gas and CO2 shielding gas.

Always operating in the smooth spray arc mode, they are welder-friendly wires with very low spatter. The slag is self-lifting or easily detached, leaving behind a clean, flat weld surface with a good penetration and very smooth wetting onto the plate edges.

The all-positional Shield-Bright wires have a fast-freezing slag to support the weld metal. This enables deposition rates in positional welding that cannot be equalled by stick electrodes or solid wires. Typical positional welding defects such as lack of fusion and slag inclusions are avoided due to the spray arc operation.

With its slow-freezing fluid slag that allows high travel speeds, the Shield-Bright X-tra range is suitable for downhand and horizontal-vertical fillet welding.

Advantages of the Shield-Bright wires

The Shield-Bright and Shield-Bright X-tra wires are welded using simple non-pulsing power sources and parameter settings and are easy to use. They can be welded in standard Ar/15-25 per cent CO2 mixed gas. They also provide low-carbon weld metal in CO2.

Welds are flat to concave with excellent wetting and have a positive penetration. This is particularly beneficial in areas with high cosmetic or corrosion requirements such as the food processing and paper and pulp industries.

Light brushing is normally sufficient to obtain a clean weld and, unlike solid wires, no silica islands are produced, so time is saved on cleaning the welds.

Welds have an excellent X-ray quality. One-sided root runs in open joints can be welded on ceramic weld metal supports at high speeds.

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