Cylindrical roller bearings accept higher axial loads

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Cylindrical roller bearings accept higher axial loadsUp to now, cylindrical roller bearings have had only a limited capacity for axial loads. But engineers from Schaeffler have optimised the contact geometry of the new INA X-life cylindrical roller bearings with the help of new calculation methods and modified manufacturing processes, resulting in a range of bearings claimed to have significantly increased axial load carrying capacities.

In the past, the axial/radial load ratio in cylindrical roller bearings could not exceed a value of 0.4, which meant that the axial load could not exceed 40 per cent of the radial load. For the new X-life cylindrical roller bearings, this ratio has been increased to 0.6 thanks to a special curvature of the roller faces that optimises the roller face/rib contact conditions.

Formation of lubricant film

This improved contact geometry permits the formation of a lubricant film that offers a better load carrying capacity. Now the rollers slide on the lubricant film during axial loading and the risk of 'mixed friction' is reduced considerably. This prevents wear at the ribs and roller faces.

As a result of the better contact conditions, the frictional moment under axial load decreases by up to 50 per cent. The bearings operate at a lower temperature, which means that the lubricant also remains cooler and forms a film of higher load capacity. In this way, the roller faces and bearing rib are optimally separated.

For customers, this means an increased service life for the bearings. In addition, new design opportunities are possible, such as downsizing. Also, the reduced friction saves energy - an important factor these days in protecting the environment.

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