Alio tripods and hexapods available in UK from Heason

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Alio tripods and hexapods available in UK from HeasonWith backlash-free resolutions to 5nm, speeds to 200mm/s and an effective positioning envelope of between 15 and 200mm3, Alio Industries' three- and six-degrees-of-freedom tripod and hexapod robotic manipulators provide the enabling technology for demanding ultra-high precision motion systems.

Used as nano positioners for production, test and research applications in photonics, semiconductor, MEMS and many other high-technology industries, Alio’s AI series tripods and hexapods, available exclusively in the UK from Heason Technologies, combine parallel kinematics principles with ceramic servo motors and high-resolution encoder feedback systems. Smooth and precise linear motion and total rigidity of each positioning element is assured with ultra-precision cross-roller bearing-based mechanics. The micro positioner features Hephaist spherical rolling joints at both the support base and the moving table to ensure backlash-free performance.

Standard equipment for the complete range includes Delta Tau motion controllers with forward and inverse kinematics, and interpolation algorithms built-in; users simply program the actual position of a 'tool centre point' as individual position co-ordinates or as contoured moves. The tool centre point is simply positioned anywhere within the positioning envelope in X-Y-Z coordinates.

Rigidity, repeatability and rapid acceleration

Parallel kinematics micro positioners provide extremely rigid platforms with increased repeatability over traditional serial kinematics stacked linear and rotary stages where runout and tilt errors are prone to accumulate. The Alio AI hexapod and tripod also allow simpler cabling for motor, feedback and other services, and the lower inertia design has faster acceleration performance and very often a smaller footprint and overall envelope.

The load carrying capability for the AI hexapod is from 0.25-20 kg (up to 8kg for the tripod version). Both designs have a repeatability of just 50nm as standard, but this may be upgraded to 10nm with an optional low-noise DC mode amplifier.

Alio Industries can provide customised designs and application software including a Windows PC with robotic GUI, and all units may be supplied to class 10 or class 100 compatible clean room standards or with 10-10 Torr vacuum preparation.

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