Complete kit for heavy-duty oxy-fuel welding and cutting

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Complete kit for heavy-duty oxy-fuel welding and cuttingMurex Welding Products' new Saffire SupAcet welding and cutting package comes with many features at a highly competitive price. It provides full welding and cutting capability through the renowned quality and safety features of the Saffire brand.

The blowpipe uses the Saffire 'tip mix' principle for operational simplicity and economy. The shank is ergonomically designed and the precision mixer ensures full operational safety by creating a modulated blend of gases at the tip for smooth burning.

Also included in SupAcet is the Saffire Pressure Regulator, fully compliant with EN ISO 2503. Each regulator features a forged brass body with operational data permanently engraved for safety. An innovative encapsulated control valve gives precise control. Easy-read gauges with a dual-scale calibration are also included. The high-strength bonnet has a 300bar inlet capability.

The heavy-duty Saffire Combined Torch is suitable for acetylene cutting up to 75mm (3inches) and welding up to 5mm (3/16inches). It is fully compliant with EN ISO 5172.

The thermal trip Saffire Flashback Arrestors include a highly efficient sintered metal flame-arresting element and a non-return valve as well as a thermal cut-off device. Factory-fitted hose assemblies feature high-integrity ferrules and are pressure tested. They are twin-construction compliant with EN 559 by incorporating precision check valves to prevent gas back-feeding.

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