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Siemens Industry Automation Division is launching new Logo! basic devices. The logic modules of the 0BA6 series are significantly more powerful than their predecessor models. With 200 function blocks, the memory capacity is 50 per cent larger and the number of analogue inputs has been doubled to four. The new devices have four high-speed counters up to 5KHz and are equipped with Teleservice functions as well as 10 menu languages. The new separate text display, which is tailored to the logic modules, can be connected directly on the basic device or installed up to 10m away.

The new 0BA6 series Logo! logic modules are suitable for universal use in industry and building systems. Typical applications include lighting controls, car washes and access controls, aquarium systems, rubbish compactors, strapping machines, axle lubrication systems on trains and feeding systems in cattle rearing, as well as pressure intensifiers and pumping stations.

With four lines of 12 characters each on the new text display, 50 different four-line messages can be configured with expanded display options such as ticker text, bar graph or toggle parameters. Up to 32 characters per line can be stored for continuous ticker text. Furthermore, the external text display is not dependent on the internal text display. For example, messages relevant to an operation can be displayed on a separate text display and service-related information can be displayed in the control cabinet.

The new logic modules and internal and external displays are configured with the Logo! Soft Comfort V6 standard software. New function blocks for arithmetic and pulse width modulation expand the application options. The Teleservice function simplifies device control and troubleshooting for service purposes. Only the basic devices need to be renewed to upgrade existing systems that have earlier Logo! versions. The installed expansion and communication modules can be reused, as can existing programs.

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11 March 2008

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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