Versatile one- and two-axis stages are ready to run

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Versatile one- and two-axis stages are ready to runHeason Technology has combined positioning mechanics, integrated stepper motor/drives and motion controls from two of its distribution partners to provide a range of ready-to-run single-axis and X-Y positioning stages that offer a modular motion system with reduced integration costs for a wide range of applications.

The cost-competitive range combines Danaher Motion-Dover’s XY range of precision positioning tables in a wide choice of travel, accuracy and stage configurations with Baldor’s new and innovative DSMS series high-torque stepper motors that include integrated micro-stepping drives. Multitasking motion and machine control is also available with Baldor’s NextMove ESB-2 panel-mounted controller. The versatile new range is aimed at open-loop positioning applications across all areas of research and manufacturing and is easily adapted to match customer performance requirements.

The low-profile positioning stages feature heavy-duty precision crossed-roller bearings in both open-frame and solid-top designs in single-axis or X-Y travel ranges from 50-600mm or more. Stages are supplied complete with overtravel and datum limit switches.

For medium-duty applications, lead screw-driven tables feature an anti-backlash nut mechanism that reduces wear while maintaining high repeatability to provide a combination of high-precision positioning and moderate speed capability. For higher dynamic performance, 2mm/rev or 5mm/rev precision ball screws are available to provide high acceleration and optimum speed with micron-precision for fast production or test applications.

Integrated motor/drive

The DSMS integrated stepper motor and drive is available in NEMA 17, 23 or 34 frame mounting with a wide choice of microstepping resolutions from 200/400 steps/rev to 51,200 steps/rev - to provide a sub-micron linear resolution on the stage if required. The integral design removes the need to use separate stepper drives, thereby reducing system wiring, saving space and improving reliability. Interconnection for drive power and motor control is available via flying leads or connectors and the drive is easily configured with a PC utility and USB configuration cable.

Baldor's NextMove-ESB-2 is a compact panel-mount motion controller supplied to match the customers’ application with a combination of up to four axes of stepper and, if required, four axes of servo control plus ample digital and analogue I/O, memory and optional HMI – allowing the control of other process, additional linear or rotary positioning devices, and potentially the complete standalone machine control for the customer's application.

The 32-bit/120MHz DSP-based controller features the widely used MintMT multitasking Basic programming language and also offers embedded C or ActiveX component programming for host controlled applications. MintNC provides a comprehensive Windows front end for axis-synchronised contouring or electronic gearbox applications. It is also available for generating real-time motion commands from imported industry-standard CAD formats.

This combination of precision motion control equipment from world-class distribution partners and a proven capability in motion systems design is a prime example of the value-added service Heason Technology is able to provide its customers.

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