C3M servo drives save space and cost in multi-axis projects

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The new C3M servo drive range from Micromech offers advantages for multi-axis applications in the 2-20kW power range.

For systems using four or more axes, the new C3M drive family can offer savings in several areas including cost, space, energy consumption, as well as cabling and installation overheads. Available in four power ratings, with current outputs of 5A, 10A, 15A and 30A, the C3M drives use a centralised power supply module and a shared DC bus system.

Two power supply modules are offered, featuring continuous output ratings of 10 and 20kW and a wide three-phase input voltage rating of 230-480V AC. By utilising a centralised power supply module approach, direct mains operation on different mains systems globally is possible without the need for any adaptive measures. This approach also has the additional advantages of reduced wiring overhead plus cost savings through the use of a single shared mains filter and braking resistor.

C3M drives are only 50mm wide for power stages up to 15A and 100mm wide for the 30A power stage. When compared to the overall installed size of competitive drive products currently available in the drives market, the space saving is another advantage offered by the C3M drives.

Key differences in this latest version of the Compax3 family are to be found in the front-end software and the new integrated safety technology, which is incorporated within the C3M drives to make them conform to teh requirements of EN ISO 13849-1.

Configuration software

C3M drives come with a product support DVD that includes the new Integrated Engineering Tool. This multi-axis configuration package simplifies project management with all the necessary configuration files, IEC-programs, cams, etc contained in one single resource. Communication between the computer and drive axes is via a single USB cable, with the inter-drive communication wiring already integral to the C3M system.

As with the rest of the Compax3 drive family, C3M drives are CE- and UL-approved and support a range of servo motor technologies including synchronous, asynchronous, linear and torque motors. The use of scaleable technology provides a selectable level of functionality and control, ranging from simple analogue torque control to advanced motion control programmed under IEC 61131, so users only pay for what they need. Compax3 drives also feature an extensive range of interfacing options including Ethernet, Ethernet PowerLink, CANopen, Profibus, DeviceNet and standard ASCII serial communications (RS232/RS485/USB).

With their broad power range and advanced technology feature set, C3M drives are suitable for use in a wide range of application areas including medical, food preparation, packaging and handling through to printing, pre-press and assembly up to conveyor, material forming and press drives.

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