Siemens launches new AS-i and AsiSafe products

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Siemens is expanding its AS-Interface product portfolio by launching the AS-i V3 safety monitor and associated asimon V3 software, as well as the Sirius 3RA6 compact starter with AS-i connection.

With the new V3 safety monitor, users can safely control an actuator or actuator group via the AS-i network, which allows safety-related, distributed switching of, for example, valves or motor starters in parallel with a second enabling circuit. The new device also supports connection of two AS-i networks without additional modules.

The associated software tool, asimon V3, features a pixel-graphics editor for safety logic, which is said to make operation easier. Improvements have also been made to the functionality of asimon V3 with, for example, filtering of brief, single-channel interruptions in the sensor circuit.

Sirius 3RA6, a new compact starter, can be modified for use as an AS-i enabled unit without tools and without any other wiring overhead. This is possible by means of an AS-i mounting module in A/B design, which guarantees direct transfer of diagnostics signals and status data to the controller. The same module is used to switch a direct starter or a reversing starter. A second version enables users to also connect safety-related switching devices such as limit switches, and therefore safely shut down the starter.

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17 April 2008

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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