Photoelectric sensor for small targets is ultra-compact

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Photoelectric sensor for small targets is ultra-compactLeuze is launching the new PRK 3b photoelectric sensors, one of the smallest opto-electronic/laser sensor capable of detecting components measuring less than 0.1mm.

For standard applications with a scanning range up to 400mm, the PRK 3b series is claimed to have extremely good black-and-white performance and reliable switching operation irrespective of the object and background properties. This variant suits diverse applications in the assembly and handling sectors including conveying of miniature containers as well as printing or labelling applications. In the XL version, the sensor provides reliable detection of objects with gaps, boreholes and grooves, for instance when scanning PCBs, transparent films or bottles or grid-type structures of the kind encountered in blister packs and objects with changeable positions. The S version is optimised for the detection of small components and structured, coloured or shiny objects.

It is this diversity in functionality that makes the PRK 3b a suitable miniature sensor range for helping in the automation of production and processing applications to improve quality and efficiency.

Within its compact housing of just 32 x 11 x 17mm, the sensor embraces the quest for product miniaturisation, faster and more precise detection and an ability to cope with interference from spurious light sources, reflective packaging as well as heavy soiling. The units are sealed to IP67 and IP69K for areas where intensive cleaning cycles are deployed.

Technologies such as active ambient light suppression (A2LS) or brightVision enable the PRK 3b opto-sensors to recognise the incidence of spurious light and to distinguish between their own sensor signal and the interference source.

Development work on the new photoelectric sensor generation is focusing on reducing life cycle costs, achieving lower costs in terms of procurement, commissioning and operation. The technological advances and new production techniques used by Leuze electronic in the build of the new PRK 3B offer functional reliability and handling convenience, coupled with an optimum cost-to-performance ratio.

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