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New from Siemens Industry Automation (IA) is the Sirius 3RA6 compact starter, a low-voltage switchgear product for three-phase AC standard motors up to 32A. It performs the functions of an overload relay, circuit breaker and contactor in one device. This reduces installation and wiring overhead for the user and creates more space in the control cabinet. The new compact starter has its own infeed system for the power supply as well as a mounting module for simple connection to AS-Interface.

At the same time, the variance of the load feeders has been significantly reduced with the Sirius 3RA6 starter. With five wide setting ranges up to 32A rated current, as well as three wide voltage ranges for AC/DC current with 24, 42 to 70 and 110 to 240V, the products, available as direct starters or reversing starters, cover a large percentage of the application range.

Using the associated Control Kit, an early check can be performed on the wiring and motor direction even before the plant starts up. This can prevent faults and increase plant availability, as can safe shutdown at the end of service life, separate indication of overload and short-circuit, and auto-reset following an overload trip. Removable spring-loaded and screw-type terminals also simplify device replacement for service purposes.

For efficient energy supply to the main circuit, users can simply plug the Sirius 3RA6 compact starter into the associated, pre-wired infeed system and thus significantly reduce the wiring overhead. This infeed system can be flexibly expanded to suit the plant by adding additional slots and Sirius industrial controls components such as 3RV1 circuit breakers or the 3RV19 infeed system. As an option, PE terminals are also available for this system, providing the possibility of directly connecting the motor cables to the Sirius infeed system for the 3RA6.

To further reduce the overhead involved in integration into control circuits, Siemens offers additional, corresponding AS-i mounting modules with which the Sirius 3RA6 compact starter can be connected directly to the AS-Interface network. The mounting module can easily be connected to the compact starter and used as an A/B slave for the AS-Interface network. All the diagnostics and status data of the compact starter are therefore forwarded directly to the higher-level controller.

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21 April 2008

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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