New low-cost PXI embedded controllers

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New low-cost PXI embedded controllersNational Instruments is releasing two new low-cost embedded controllers that deliver exceptional performance for value-based test, measurement and control applications: the PXI-8104 and PXI-8183. With these new controllers, PXI can be applied in a variety of new applications across many industries including consumer electronics, automotive, semiconductor, telecommunications as well as aerospace and defence.

The NI PXI-8104 is an Intel Celeron M 440 processor-based embedded controller for use in PXI and CompactPCI systems. With its 1.86GHz processor and dual-channel 533MHz DDR2 memory, the PXI-8104 controller offers a 41 per cent performance improvement compared to its predecessor, the NI PXI-8195 controller. The new controller can be used to create a PC-based platform that offers an good balance between performance and value.

The NI PXI-8183, the company's lowest-cost Windows-based PXI embedded controller at £949 (EUR1349), is suitable for high-volume OEM and industrial control applications. The two-slot embedded controller features an 850MHz Intel Celeron processor and provides a cost-effective and compact platform when combined with a PXI-compatible chassis such as the NI PXI-1036.

The PXI-8104 and PXI-8183 controllers are also available in versions that support NI LabVIEW Real-Time and LabWindows/CVI Real-Time software to deliver a flexible, rugged platform for deterministic and real-time measurement and control. Using PXI-based real-time systems, powerful processors, high-level software development tools and off-the-shelf PXI I/O modules can be leveraged to create and deploy systems quickly in a variety of applications such as hardware-in-the-loop test, rapid control prototyping and industrial measurement and control.

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23 April 2008

National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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