All-in-one configurable air preparation unit saves space

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All-in-one configurable air preparation unit saves spaceMetal Work UK unveiled the ONE fully-integrated air preparation unit at the 2008 IFPEX show. As well as looking good, the ONE is covered by three patents and won the international novelty award at Fluidtrans Compomac.

A notable feature of the ONE unit is the single high-performance valve on the main flow that handles all functions, from pressure regulation to relief. This valve is controlled by means of a high-precision pilot regulator in series with the manual on/off valve, electric valve and progressive actuator.

Because the ONE is designed as an all-in-one unit containing the filter, condensate drain, pressure regulator, shut-off valve, soft-start valve, pressure switch and ports, the overall dimensions are reduced (180mm wide by 140mm high), plus it benefits from enhanced capacity, precision and speed of response. Furthermore, it can be installed in confined spaces, as no access is required for the upper or lower spaces for adjustment or maintenance.

Despite the integral concept, customers can specify components within the ONE unit to suit their application. If preferred, the unit can also be panel-mounted, with the controls accessible at the front and service items accessed from behind the panel.

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