Novel technique for mounting strain gauges inside components

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Ixthus Instrumentation is now offering a patented technology that enables strain gauges to be mounted directly inside components, thereby saving space, removing extraneous errors and enabling design innovation. The durable down-hole strain gauge technique from Strainsert Inc provides an elegant load measurement device. Also, thanks to recent developments, the technology can now measure forces as low as 100N. Design miniaturisation means that the strain gauges can be built into even smaller areas of just 3mm diameter and within lengths of only 100mm.

The technology is available through Ixthus in Strainsert's standard load-sensing product range that includes flat load cells, load-sensing bolts and studs, tension links and clevis pins. Furthermore, Ixthus is also able to provide OEMs and research organisations with these miniature strain gauges directly assembled into customised load-bearing components and structures, either built to design or assembled into free-issued parts with full calibration and certification as required.

Unlike strain gauges that are attached on the outside of load-bearing components, the down-hole strain gauge, typically bonded into a small hole in the neutral axis of the load-sensing path, is insensitive to off-centre loading, bending and extraneous load forces. Furthermore, the sealed and encapsulated miniature assembly is well protected against harsh environments and materials can be selected to comply with application fatigue ratings and international safety standards. Compensation for pressure, temperature and safety redundancy can also be built into customised designs and the technology also lends itself to space-restricted precision shear and torque measurement.

The typical force measurement range across standard and customised down-hole strain gauges is between 100N and 5MN, with 0.1 per cent linearity.

Ixthus Instrumentation provides complete technical and sales support for the entire range from Strainsert and is on hand to advise and assist customers with standard products and customised applications. Ixthus has applied and adapted these innovative products over several years in all areas of industry and research for demanding applications in military, aerospace, marine and subsea, oil and gas, mining and quarry, hoist and crane as well as automotive.

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