IP65 valve island available with Profibus or ASI comms

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Metal Work UK is now offering the innovative HDM (heavy-duty Mulitmach) valve island with Profibus or AS-Interface fieldbus communications. These user-friendly valve islands benefit from features such as IP65 sealing, a maximum of 16 valves per island, all ports on one side, gold contacts (which eliminate the need for wiring), and the capability to have pressure and vacuum together on a common island.

In addition, valves of different capacities can be mounted adjacent to each other, making the units extremely versatile both during design and, if necessary, machine modifications and upgrades.

The valve islands can be mounted from above, below, the front or rear face, or even from one end.

Indication of the solenoid status is provided by LEDs, and monostable and bistable manual overrides are available.

Customers can choose from serial communications, an AS-Interface fieldbus connection or - the latest development - an integrated Profibus slave.

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