Free guide to direct part marking and traceability

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Free guide to direct part marking and traceabilitySick is publishing a ready-reference guide to direct part marking technology. The 120-page book guides engineers through the choice of technologies for permanent identification of components and finished products.

The Sick Competence Guide to Direct Marking is intended as an objective and unbiased source on the available technologies and their most appropriate applications. It covers the principles of coding, the techniques used in direct marking and the key requirements for reading DPM codes reliably in factory automation.

Tim Stokes, Auto Ident Product Manager for Sick, says: "The development of 2D codes and the hugely improved performance of image processing have widened the opportunities for label-free direct marking methods to be used such as dot-peening, laser-marking or inkjet-marking.

"Realising there was no professional and comprehensive reference guide available, we have gathered together a knowledge source to discuss the merits of different technologies and how best to address issues of traceability, combating fraud, security and the increasing legal and regulatory requirements.

"It includes principles of coding, the most appropriate marking for your product and industry, reading codes and conformance with standards. With this knowledge, you are fully equipped to evaluate and choose the system that is best for your requirements."

The Sick guide is suitable for anyone thinking of implementing or upgrading a part marking system. Normally costing £10, the guide is available free of charge for a limited period. For your copy please contact Ann Attridge or Andrea Hornby on +44 (0)1727 831121 or email or .

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