DiscPower electric motor-driven gearbox suits hub applications

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Framo Morat's new DiscPower electric motor-driven gearbox is said to be compact and economical for in-hub applications. The assembly comprises a dynamic, brushless and maintenance-free synchronous pancake motor with an integral, low-backlash planetary gearbox.

DiscPower units are available with power ratings from 0.42W to 1kW and up to 110Nm of torque. The planetary gearbox with lifetime lubrication is available in transmission ratios from 5:1 up to 50:1. It is smaller and lighter than other gear configurations, has a higher efficiency and is exceptionally quiet.

This latest addition to the R. A. Rodriguez Framo Morat range can be combined with a range of motor feedback systems such as Hall-effect sensors, encoders or resolvers to suit the application. DiscPower units are suitable for automatic guided vehicles, fork lifts, wheel chairs and any industrial applications where minimal space and low noise are important design criteria.

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