Increase productivity and cut the cost of orbital welding

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Increase productivity and cut the cost of orbital weldingESAB says that orbital welding can be carried out more productively and at lower cost by using new additions to its Aristo range. In conjunction with suitable welding heads, the three Aristo power sources can help produce high-quality tube welds for applications in the food, beverage, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical/biochemistry, semiconductor, aerospace, shipbuilding and general engineering industries.

Mechanised TIG welding is an efficient way to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs when welding tubes. The Aristo MechTig C2002i is highly adaptable, enabling systems to be configured to precisely match customers’ requirements.

The Aristo MechTig C2002i is a compact, robust and user-friendly power source that incorporates an integral water cooler and high-specification controller. It comes with a graphical interface, a program library and auto-generation of welding programs.

This machine delivers 180A at a 35 per cent duty cycle, or 110A at a 100 per cent duty cycle. Both the rotation motor and the wire feed motor are controlled by the control unit, which ensures that the welding parameters remain close to the ideal.

If higher currents are necessary, ESAB offers the Aristo MechTig 3000i or Aristo MechTig 40000i. The user interface is the same as for the Aristo MechTig C2002i power source.

The Aristo MechControl 2 control unit has the same control features as the Aristo MechTig C2002i but is fitted to either the Aristo MechTig 3000i or Aristo MechTig 40000i power source, depending on the application.

The Aristo MechControl 4 is similar to the Aristo MechControl 2, but can drive four motors with additional arc voltage control (AVC) and weaving control, and is offered with the same power sources.

Aristo MA23 and Aristo MA23A control panels can be used with the new Aristo power sources.

The Aristo MechTig C2002i, Aristo MechControl 2 control unit, Aristo MechControl 4, Aristo MechTig 3000i, and Aristo MechTig 40000i complement the three Aristo high-performance MIG welders that were launched in 2007. These were: the Aristo MIG C3000i integrated welding power source and wire feeder; the Aristo MIG L3000i power source; and the Aristo Feed L3004 wire feed unit for use with Aristo MIG L3000i.

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