Y-bearing units operate in extreme environments

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Y-bearing units operate in extreme environmentsSKF's latest generation of Y-bearing units for extreme temperatures are optimising productivity and minimising costs in a diverse variety of industrial applications. The robust units have been developed to withstand a wide range of operating temperatures and aggressive fluids, gasses and particulate matter. In addition, they require little or no lubrication, which reduces maintenance requirements and costs.

There are two series of the Y-bearing units available: the VA201 range for applications where operating temperatures are between –40 and +250degC; and the VA228 series for even more challenging operating environments of between –150 and +350degC.

In each case the bearings inside the housing units feature a specially designed spherical outer diameter. This corresponds exactly to the concave seating face inside the housing, enabling alignment errors of up to +/-5deg to be compensated for, which reduces installation time and optimises equipment performance. Furthermore, the bearings themselves, which are capable of withstanding shaft speeds of up to 100rev/min, feature highly efficient seals to protect the bearings and prevent the leakage of lubricants.

The VA228 bearings feature a specially developed coronet cage, constructed from graphite-based material, which effectively acts as the lubricant for extended periods of operation, eliminating the need for conventional greases. This makes the bearings an environmentally friendly option, as no harmful fumes or gases are produced even at extreme temperatures.

The VA201 series bearings, for comparatively less demanding applications, utilise a conventional pressed steel cage. This is filled with a high-temperature lubricating paste made from a mixture of polyalkylene glycol and graphite to offer excellent lubricating properties.

Corrosion protection

In addition, the Y-bearing units have a zinc and yellow chromate finish for added protection against corrosion, while each housing bore is coated with lubricating paste and designed so that the effects of shaft or housing misalignment can easily be eliminated regardless of temperature variations.

The units can also be specified with bore diameters of between 30mm and 60mm and can be supplied as a plummer block assembly or with square or oval flanges, making them very versatile. The Y-bearing units are suitable for a diverse range of industrial applications in which components are subjected to extreme temperatures such as in ovens, heaters and fans.

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