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New ESAB Caddy Tig portable welding power sourcesESAB's Caddy Tig 1500i and 2200i are the latest in the company's Caddy range of portable welding power sources. These professional, all-weather, outdoor welding units are designed to provide quality TIG welding in virtually all types of material and are suitable for a wide range of welding applications including repair and maintenance and light fabrication, as well as shipbuilding, transport and mobile machinery.

Caddy Tig units are compact, durable machines with built-in power factor correction circuits that allow the full range of the machine to function on a 16A fuse, protect against voltage fluctuations, and make them safer when used with generators.

Weighing just over 9kg, the machines are easy to carry and have impact-resistant polymer and aluminium casings. Large heat sinks and clever design allows cool running to give long life.

Two control panels are available, both with digital displays, that are easy to set even when wearing gloves. The Caddy TA33 panel provides easy TIG welding; the user simply sets the plate thickness, and the machine does the rest. Welding current, slope-down and post-gas can also be set manually.

The Caddy TA34 panel allows Pulsed TIG welding with better control of heat input. A Micro Pulse function enables the user to set pulse times as low as 0.001s. Two memories store settings, and the operator is able to switch between memories while welding, either from the panel or via the torch trigger.

In MMA mode the Caddy Tig machines supply direct current for welding most metals including alloy and non-alloy steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The Caddy Tig 1500i gives excellent welding performance using most types of electrodes from 1.6-3.2mm and some 4mm diameter electrodes. The Caddy TIG 2200i welds most electrodes up to 4mm.

All units are fitted with ESAB's latest regulator, the ArcPlus II, which provides an easily set, intense but smooth and stable arc. It generates smaller droplets with less spatter and the arc burns smoothly so there is no need to pause at the end-edges when weaving.

Also available is the Caddy Tig 2200i AC/DC that uses ESAB's QWave to provide a stable arc in AC mode. QWave optimises the AC wave to give a smooth and stable arc and, at the same time, the lowest possible noise without compromising the weld.

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