Wire feeders are tough enough to survive being dropped

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Wire feeders are tough enough to survive being droppedESAB is introducing two new portable 'Off the Arc' wire feeders, known as the MobileFeed 200 AVS and MobileFeed 300 AVS, for use with DC, CC or CV power sources.

These units are compact and rugged, with an integral carrying handle and a heat-resistant, flame-retardant and impact-resistant casing that protects the wire and feeding mechanism from dirt, grinding dust, moisture and other contaminants. Shock mounts ensure that the feeder is capable of surviving being dropped, even when fully loaded with a wire spool. The feeders are therefore suitable for use in harsh environments such as construction sites, pipelines, shipyards, offshore and in mobile welding rigs, as well as for general fabrication applications where additional protection is desirable.

Designed for use with 200mm (8inch) or 300mm (12inch) wire spools, respectively, the two units operate with reverse polarity (wire DC+) or straight polarity (wire DC-) on wire diameters up to 1.6mm. A tacho feedback device and four-roll drive mechanism, driven by a permanent-magnet motor and PWM (pulse-width modulated) drive, ensure that wire feeding is smooth, reliable and accurate. Automatic slow wire run-in, with controlled wire acceleration, helps to ensure smooth arc starts.

All of the controls are located on a recessed front panel that offers good protection. Wire feed rate can be set from 1.8-17.8m/min for the MobileFeed 200 AVS and 1.3-20.3m/min for the MobileFeed 300 AVS, depending on the arc voltage. Feeding pressure is adjusted by means of a single pressure device.

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