Lifting column copes with off-centre loads

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Lifting column copes with off-centre loadsSKF is launching a powerful lifting column that combines compact dimensions with the ability to support loads of up to 2500N. The Telemag TFG is suitable for vertical push or pull applications thanks to its stiff aluminium profiles and precision glide pads, which enable it to lift off-centre loads without bending.

Each Telemag TFG pillar consists of three aluminium profiles that sit inside each other and can be extended or retracted by means of an integrated linear actuator. The lifting column converts rotary motion from an integrated DC motor with worm gear into linear motion by means of a spindle nut. The unit operates with minimum noise and vibration, even at a maximum speed of 19mm/s.

A further benefit of the spindle nut arrangement is that it makes the TFG self-locking in both push and pull modes, resulting in enhanced stability and user safety. The column is capable of a maximum stroke length of 700mm, and has integral end limit switches. For additional safety, the TFG has cut-off switches at the end positions, in addition to a back-up nut. The pillars can be easily protected against overload using a suitable control or master unit.

SKF says the Telemag TFG is suitable for use in medical applications, such as ceiling-mounted equipment, incubators, ophthalmic chairs, and veterinary tables, as well as being able to enhance the performance of many industrial applications. It is available in 24, 120 or 230V options, with all models meeting IP30 compliance and tested according to EN/UL 60601-1. The pillar is compatible with many other SKF products and can be used as part of a full system of actuators and controls. A wide range of control and operating interface accessories are also available.

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