Compact Mönninghoff clutches handle higher torques

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Compact Mönninghoff clutches handle higher torquesThe new Mönninghoff type 450 double flux-crossed clutches achieve more torque in compact dimensions. There are three sizes with rated torques of 500-2000Nm, and the largest model has an outside diameter of only 315mm. Double flux-crossed electromagnetic clutches are economic and compact for use with low- to medium-speed applications. These models are available in the UK through Techdrives.

Electromagnetic clutches work by passing magnetic flux that is generated by a coil from plate to plate through 'poles.' The poles attract and the resulting force is used to create friction. Usually a single pair of poles is used, analogous to a horseshoe magnet. However, the Mönninghoff double flux-crossed design creates two pairs of poles by careful segmentation of the plates. This theoretically doubles the forces, although in practice there are some losses. Nevertheless, there is still a substantial increase in friction torque.

The type 450 clutches are designed for dry running but can also be used in an oil-splash environment. Dynamic or static application is possible and the steel surfaces are carefully prepared to minimise wear. High operating frequencies can be achieved, depending on the load inertia. Switching rates up to 15/minute are possible with low inertias. On switching off, there is free release without residual torque due to a pre-stressed circular release spring.

Mönninghoff's double flux-crossed technology is available in different designs. Clutches can be bearing- or flange-mounted, or supplied as a clutch coupling for in-line drives. Double flux-crossed brakes are also available. The compact dimensions mean that inertias are low. Clutches need no maintenance and their torque transmission is free of backlash.

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04 August 2008

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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