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New brochure for ESAB Caddy MMA/TIG welding setsFor many professional welders, the name Caddy is synonymous with portable welding units. Since ESAB launched its first inverter-based machine in 1977, the Caddy range has evolved into a broad family of robust, reliable, portable welding units that are versatile for MMA and TIG welding.

As well as the striking black and yellow design on the tough external casing, Caddy units are characterised by internal features that make a big difference: compact and efficient inverter technology, user-friendly multifunctional control panel technology and intelligent software. The result is optimal welding parameters and an arc that is consistently stable. Furthermore, large heatsinks and clever design details ensure that the Caddies run cool, thereby ensuring extended service life even in harsh environments.

Active power factor correction (PFC) enables the units to operate at full capacity - and economically - on standard 16A or 10A fuses. In addition, all models in the Caddy family comply with the latest EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) legislation. The PFC ensures that every Caddy delivers consistent performance and enhanced safety, even when the primary voltage is fluctuating, the unit is connected to a generator, or when mains leads over 100m long are used.

Despite the size, the Caddy Arc 151i and Caddy Arc 201i deliver up to 150A or 170A in MMA mode and 150A or 220A in TIG mode at a 25 per cent duty cycle. Designed for applications such as on-site installation, maintenance, repair and fabrication, both indoors and out, the Caddy Arc 151i/201i units are available with either the Caddy A31 single-knob control panel with automatic hot-start and arc force control or the more advanced Caddy A33 multifunctional control panel that features adjustable hot-start and arc force control, LiveTig start, two-program function and an analogue remote control function. In addition, the Caddy A33 panel incorporates the latest MMA regulator, ArcPlus II, which gives a more intense yet smooth and stable arc that is easy to control. Most grades of electrode from 1.6-4.0mm diameter can be used, plus the Caddy Arc 151i/201i are suitable for TIG welding.

Three-phase Caddy

Similarly compact but more powerful, the Caddy Arc 251i operates from a 400V three-phase supply, delivering 250A at a 30 per cent duty cycle. It can be used with all electrode types, including cellulosic and high-recovery, in diameters up to 5mm. This model is available with a choice of the Caddy A32 or A34 control panel, both of which benefit from a digital display and remote control function. The Caddy A32 features MMA and TIG welding options, including LiveTig start, and an analogue remote control function while the Caddy A34 offers additional functions such as adjustable hot-start and arc force control, two-program function and electrode type selector.

For high-quality portable welding from a single-phase supply, the Caddy Tig 1500i/2200i feature all key TIG (DC) welding functions, alternative arc ignition (HF-start or interference-free LiftArc) and true MMA capability (with hot-start and arc force control). Typical applications for these units will be found in the manufacturing, repair, maintenance, civil construction and process industries.

The Caddy Tig 1500i/2200i are available with the Caddy TA33 control panel that automatically adjusts all welding parameter settings after the user has input the plate thickness - though welding current, slope down and post-gas can also be set manually. Alternatively, the more advanced Caddy TA34 control panel can be specified. This offers pulsed TIG, Micro Pulse and a two-program function. In addition, remote control via a CANbus connection is possible.

If both AC and DC TIG welding are required, the Caddy Tig 2200i AC/DC offers all this from a single-phase supply. Capable of welding most materials in thicknesses up to 5mm, and with its exceptional versatility, the Caddy Tig 2200i AC/DC is suitable for almost any repair or maintenance operation. Functions available within this model include DC pulsed and Micro Pulse TIG welding, true MMA welding (with hot start and arc force control), and QWave optimisation that ensures the arc remains stable in both AC and DC TIG welding modes.

Customers can choose from the Caddy TA33 AC/DC or the Caddy TA34 AC/DC control panel, both of which provide full TIG DC, AC/DC and MMA welding functions, as well as the latest ArcPlus II regulator. While the Caddy TA33 AC/DC is the easiest to use - just set the plate thickness - the Caddy TA34 AC/DC offers a number of additional functions to give the user greater control. These include pulsed TIG, Micro pulse, AC Balance and AC frequency control, electrode preheating control and a two-program function.

ESAB has published a new brochure that describes the Caddy family and the benefits the various models offer for professional welders who need rugged, long-lasting and highly portable welding units. To request a copy, call ESAB Publicity on 0800 3893152 or email .

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