Autarky offers Schuco CSFL slat-band chain conveyor

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Autarky offers Schuco CSFL slat-band chain conveyorAutarky Automation is introducing a new slat-band chain conveyor that can cut installation and maintenance costs. Called the CSFL, the new conveyor has been developed by Schuco to eliminate the problems of connecting pins associated with traditional chain systems, and features a robust connection mechanism that allows lengths to be snapped together, quickly and safely.

Traditional chain conveyors generally use connecting pins to hold sections together. Over time, these pins can wear, loosen and fall out, causing the conveyor chain to break. In contrast, the new CSFL uses an innovative design of interlocking plastic sections with links that simply snap together yet remain securely in place, both when the chain is running under tension and slack. This method of connection makes it quick and simple to assemble and disassemble chains without the need for tools.

Perhaps as importantly, the design of the new CSFL enables it to be used in applications where the chain follows a circular route, or where it has to rise and fall, with the interlocking links ensuring that load and tension are distributed far more evenly across the width of the chain, thereby minimising wear and allowing tight radii to be achieved.

Manufactured from high-performance plastic, the new CSFL chain offers the strength and stability of conventional steel-reinforced chain, but without weight penalties or the need for regular lubrication. In addition, the chain combines low-friction characteristics with excellent resistance to wide fluctuations in temperature, and is available from Autarky Automation with a wide choice of accessories and profiles for framework and guarding.

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