Modular linear actuators can be combined for multi-axis systems

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Modular linear actuators can be combined for multi-axis systemsSchaeffler Group's INA Linear Technology Division is launching a new range of modular linear actuator units that are suitable for compact single- and multi-axis systems.

Many industrial automation projects - particularly handling tasks within production, machining, pick-and-place, assembly, inspection and packaging processes - require machine and linear guidance elements that, and often the available space is restricted.

Schaeffler's new MKUVS32-KGT linear actuator is a compact linear actuator with ball screw drive that is suitable for a wide range of applications where secure, rapid, precise and repeatable positioning and movement of light-to-moderate loads is required. The MKUVS32-KGT consists of a support rail, one or two carriages (depending on requirements) and a high-precision ball screw drive. Guidance of the carriage or carriages in the support rail is achieved using two or four KUVS32 linear recirculating ball bearing units (depending on the carriage length). Due to their support width, the linear actuators can withstand forces from all directions and moments about all axes. The combination of support rail, linear recirculating ball bearing units and carriages provides a stable, rigid linear guidance system that is characterised by high precision and high load-carrying capacity.

A low-profile design offers compact dimensions of just 80mm (W) × 48mm (H), depending on the design and construction. The maximum stroke of the MKUVS32-KGT is 1022mm, assuming a maximum length of the single-piece support rail of 1100mm. Travel speeds of up to 1m/s and accelerations of up to 30m/s2 are possible. The drive system is a high-precision ball screw drive (for which the maximum spindle speed is 3000rpm) and customers can specify a pitch of 2, 4, 10 or 20mm.


With the aid of various accessories, including motor adapter plates and couplings, customers can adapt the actuator to fit their preferred choice of motor, based on the internal specifications covering motors and controllers. In addition, customers can opt to have the linear actuators configured for 'plug and play' installation for immediate use.

In order to protect the linear guidance systems and drive unit, additional components such as alloy sheet steel strip covers are available. Schaeffler also supplies suitable fasteners such as clamping lugs for mounting the unit. A profiled support rail with integral slots is also included for easy installation of sensors. The carriages have threaded holes for mounting on adjacent structures.

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