Brackets, connectors and fasteners for INA linear actuators

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Brackets, connectors and fasteners for INA linear actuatorsSchaeffler Group's INA Linear Technology Division is launching a comprehensive range of fasteners, connectors and mounting brackets for its INA range of linear actuators. These accessories enable faster, easier mounting of linear actuators on multi-axis handling systems for production processes, machining, handling, assembly, pick-and-place, inspection tasks and packaging equipment.

Twelve basic mounting brackets are available, which differ in their dimensions and fixing arrangements. In total there are 44 different brackets from which to choose.

For location of the linear actuator's support rail, various components are available, including profiled aluminium fixing brackets, fixing lugs, T-bolts, T-nuts, hexagonal nuts and T-strips.

Fixing brackets can be used for mounting the support rail and carriage plate of the linear actuator. Often these brackets are used where accessories need to be fixed to the support rail or carriage and can also be used as a multi-axis mounting arrangement.

Steel T-nuts, T-bolts and T-strips are used to fix actuators to the adjacent structure and to mount accessories to the support rail and carriage. Alternatively, rotating or adjustable T-nuts can be used to mount accessories.

For easier ordering of components, Schaeffler has colour-coded the brackets and classified them according to their size and fixing arrangement.

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