New-Tech reactive welding helmet has bigger viewing area

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New-Tech reactive welding helmet has bigger viewing areaAt just 476g, the New-Tech reactive welding helmet offers professional welders technological innovation in one of the lightest helmets available.

Featuring new Angular Dependence Compensation (ADC) technology, the New-Tech helmets have an even shade level across the full height and width of the viewing area that is 22 per cent larger than on previous helmets.

ADC technology means there is no need for the operator to adjust to different shades and to compensate with excessive neck movement. The result is reduced eye fatigue and increased comfort that make for more productive welding.

New-Tech is the result of extensive research by ESAB, one of the leading suppliers of welding-related personal protection equipment (PPE), and is backed with a free three-year warranty.

Improved comfort

With its distinctive rounded edges, the design of New-Tech deflects heat and welding fumes and provides more free space around the nose and mouth area to help prevent CO2 building up. These well-balanced, quality helmets provide full protection for the ears and cheeks, good scalp protection and are adjustable so users can move the helmet closer to or further away from the face.

There are four helmets in the New-Tech range. The New-Tech 6-13 ADC and 9-13 ADC allow adjustment of sensitivity and delay from the outside the helmet. These provide shade settings from DIN 6-13 and DIN 9-13. The New-Tech 6-13 ADC also has a grinding mode. The other helmets in the range are the New-Tech 9-13 and New-Tech 11, which are both controlled from inside the helmet. The 9-13 has sensitivity and shade setting from DIN 9-13, while the New-Tech 11, weighing just 440g (ie less than one pound) has a single shade setting at DIN 11.

All four New-Tech models have comfortable, replaceable sweatbands and easy-to-replace the cover lenses, and all are available in combination with air units, internal visors, hard hats and hard hat with fresh air.

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