Laser distance sensor offered with a choice of spot sizes

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Laser distance sensor offered with a choice of spot sizesFurther development of the Leuze electronic ODS 96B optical distance sensors has resulted in the design of new laser versions that come with a choice of light spot size settings of S through to XL. This enables Leuze to support a much wider range of applications, from detection of small objects through to the more specialist detection of materials such as corrugated cardboard, which is possible the most widely used packaging material.

With cyclical measurements made within intervals of just milliseconds, the new ODS 96B laser light measuring sensor is said to be able to respond to dynamic processes up to five times faster than comparable products, making these distance sensors the some of the fastest in their class. This provides more precise and detailed information, with more stable measured values and improved process efficiency.

Alongside high-speed measurement processes, the ODS 96B also offers accuracy, a resolution of 0.1mm and repeat accuracy of 0.5 per cent. Two of the most striking features of this optical distance sensor are its bright, easily legible LED display and its membrane keypad for measured value indication and menu-prompted sensor parameterisation.

With a measurement range of between 60 and 2000mm the sensors operate on the basis of the triangulation principle, using CCD technology for evaluation. The sensors are suitable for continuous distance measurements and position monitoring as well as dynamic product gauging applications of the kind required on conveyor lines.

Joining Leuze's established and fully proven infra-red and red-light measuring models, there are of several product variants and menu settings available which allow the ODS 96B sensor to be adapted for many different applications.

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